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Yearly Archives: 2018


Interviewing Visitors Tells The Story

2021-06-01T15:41:45+01:0013th December 2018|Latest news|

Interviewing Visitors Tells The Story A stately home with extensive grounds south of the river and with links to the City of London had a bit of a problem. The house and its gardens were. But while admission to the grounds and gardens was free, there was a charge of £10 to visit the house [...]

Recruit Health Professionals – Doctors orders

2021-06-01T15:41:45+01:0015th November 2018|Latest news|

A recent project was to recruit and interview medical and pharmaceutical professionals; doctors, pharmacists, CCG leads and wholesalers. The key objective was to gather opinions of some current prescribing practices. To establish reaction to a potential new medication delivery method. The Challenge Our challenge was to identify and recruit doctors and other medical professionals who [...]

Mixed Methodology – Street meets on-line

2021-06-01T15:41:46+01:0013th June 2018|Latest news|

A mixed methodology was required once again for a repeat consultation for a local authority. We had to assist in the design of a consultation and engagement programme. This was to improve communications with a group of residents living in a social housing development that was undergoing re-development. The aim was to establish the effectiveness [...]

Recruiting Focus Groups and more…

2021-06-01T15:41:46+01:0023rd January 2018|Case Studies|

We frequently recruit participants for focus groups, and some of the recruitment can be challenging. We are used to recruiting for a focus group lasting between 1 and 2 hours but a recent client added another layer of complexity by wanting to run whole day workshops. The programme of workshops was being organised in various [...]