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Yearly Archives: 2019


Telephone Surveys and Demographic Quota

2021-06-01T15:41:44+01:003rd December 2019|Latest news|

Can telephone surveys deliver demographic quota? The challenge set by a large local authority was to carry out a survey of its residents. It had to deliver a truly representative sample of residents. We needed to find out residents’ views on where they lived and how it could be improved. The key aspect was to [...]

BID to Give Angel Wings

2021-06-01T15:41:44+01:0030th July 2019|Latest news|

Business Improvement Districts (BID) across the UK have made a major positive impact on the areas. They have created better retail and leisure environments by focussing on the old marketing maxim: find out what people want – and give it to them! Fieldwork Assistance worked with the BID in London to help them answer [...]

Street interviews to test ads can be testing

2021-06-01T15:41:44+01:0028th March 2019|Latest news|

Street interviews to test ads can be testing Developing advertising is always a challenge. Getting feedback using street interviews can help refine the message and the images. It can also test the effectiveness of different media sites. We recently worked with a media planning and development consultancy. We used street interviews  to test some ‘billboard’ [...]