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Everything in its right Place Survey

A Place survey is a key area of consultation used by local authorities. They provide insight into the attitudes and perceptions of residents which help Council’s develop their policies and priorities for the next few years. Place Surveys are therefore an important tool We recently carried out a Place survey for a large local authority. [...]

Telephone Surveys and Demographic Quota

Can telephone surveys deliver demographic quota? The challenge set by a large local authority was to carry out a survey of its residents. It had to deliver a truly representative sample of residents. We needed to find out residents’ views on where they lived and how it could be improved. The key aspect was to [...]

BID to Give Angel Wings

Business Improvement Districts (BID) across the UK have made a major positive impact on the areas. They have created better retail and leisure environments by focussing on the old marketing maxim: find out what people want – and give it to them! Fieldwork Assistance worked with the BID in London to help them answer [...]

Street interviews to test ads can be testing

Street interviews to test ads can be testing Developing advertising is always a challenge. Getting feedback using street interviews can help refine the message and the images. It can also test the effectiveness of different media sites. We recently worked with a media planning and development consultancy. We used street interviews  to test some ‘billboard’ [...]

Interviewing Visitors Tells The Story

Interviewing Visitors Tells The Story A stately home with extensive grounds south of the river and with links to the City of London had a bit of a problem. The house and its gardens were. But while admission to the grounds and gardens was free, there was a charge of £10 to visit the house [...]

Recruit Health Professionals – Doctors orders

A recent project was to recruit and interview medical and pharmaceutical professionals; doctors, pharmacists, CCG leads and wholesalers. The key objective was to gather opinions of some current prescribing practices. To establish reaction to a potential new medication delivery method. The Challenge Our challenge was to identify and recruit doctors and other medical professionals who [...]

Mixed Methodology – Street meets on-line

A mixed methodology was required once again for a repeat consultation for a local authority. We had to assist in the design of a consultation and engagement programme. This was to improve communications with a group of residents living in a social housing development that was undergoing re-development. The aim was to establish the effectiveness [...]

Street Interviews win the day

Street interviews provided the best methodology for a recent consultation. One of the key uses of market research data is to validate hypotheses. Typically this is clients who are certain that demand will exist for a new product or service. However, it is often necessary to get data which ‘proves’ a point of view. This [...]

Quality results takes time and persistence.

Prof Curtice, Senior Research Fellow at NatCen Social Research’s exit poll was the only one which correctly predicted the 2015 general election results.  All the others did not. So he has been analysing recent opinion polls.  His conclusion is that you need to ensure that the data collection is right before you even think about [...]

Lights off? – Qualitative Research

What happens when the lights go off? Qualitative research was required for this project. Electricity supply companies’ key task is to keep the ‘lights on’ for all their customers but most people can manage the odd blackout, if it doesn’t last too long as well as the occasional planned power cut. But they become really [...]

Face-to-Face in a Digital World

There is a perception that the digital age has made face-to-face communication somehow old-fashioned. But there is an interesting report in the sports pages this week. A Premiership football club has had to introduce special sessions, “Life Kinetics”, into its training regime to get players to talk to each other. They had realised that during [...]

Hate to say we told you so…

Hate to say we told you so – but we told you so! Soon after the General Election last year, there was much soul searching in the media as to why the polls had failed to guess the outcome of the general election correctly. Back then we pointed out that we believed that the major [...]

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Keeping track of customer satisfaction Or – Just trying to keep the customer satisfied   What DO your customers really think of you? A customer satisfaction survey can help provide the answer – or answers to this question. In turn it can help improve marketing and the businesses performance. This was the challenge faced by [...]

Telephone interviews confirm anecdotal evidence

This project was another classic use of market research, in this case telephone interviews to confirm anecdotal evidence that businesses want Superfast Broadband. The Local Authority’s discussions with business owners in their area had highlighted that access to Superfast Broadband was currently one of the hot topics amongst businesses and politicians. However, their discussions with [...]

Qualitative research…Bowling them over

Market research is often used to prove the blindingly obvious.  We used qualitative research to literally bowl them over. Sometimes market research is just to cover the backs of officials, so that they have irrefutable support for the decisions they make over contentious issues. Planning aspects of sports and recreation facilities is one such contentious [...]

How to influence people… new market research

New market research shows that the general public still turns to TV and the newspapers, not social media, to learn about current political issues. Nearly three-quarters of us (73%) use TV to stay informed.  Over half (54%) cite newspapers and online news outlets (52%)to shape their political views. Less than a third (27%) use Facebook [...]

Education for schools

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ...and he of all people would have known   But when the inspector calls how do you know what effect your education is having?   If education is the most powerful weapon, we are pretty sure that information [...]

Were the Opinion Polls really wrong?

Were the Opinion Polls really wrong about the result of the General Election? A week before the election the media had two favourite stories.  One was that Ed Miliband was stumbling towards No 10 with the help of the SNP.  The other was that the election was on a knife edge - too close to [...]

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