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Keeping track of customer satisfaction

Or – Just trying to keep the customer satisfied


What DO your customers really think of you? A customer satisfaction survey can help provide the answer – or answers to this question. In turn it can help improve marketing and the businesses performance.

This was the challenge faced by a client, a small business selling into the retail cards and gift market. Retailers seemed to be very nice when the owner called and tended to make encouraging noises, but the sales conversion rate was poor.

The owner had no idea if the product was wrong, the price was wrong, the terms were wrong or if they were ‘wrong’.

The only practical cost effective way of getting answers to these questions is to ask customers and potential customers the questions. And the easiest way of doing that was to set up an on-line survey customer satisfaction survey.

We set up the customer satisfaction survey, with just a few key questions and we manage the sending out of email invitations, email reminders and collating the responses. A summary of the results are sent every month to the client and where necessary we carry out a deeper analysis, especially when new season lines are being promoted.

The survey software we use allows us to ‘seed’ customer information. So details about location, products shown, orders taken (or not taken), type of outlet and previous performance can all be imported automatically to the questionnaire, but they remain hidden from the participant. This reduces the amount of questions being asked – so increases the chances of the questionnaire being fully completed. But it does mean that when needed a very detailed analysis of the data can be undertaken.

The extra insight this has provided has enabled the client to sharpen their quantity and price offering. This has enabled them to get that initial ‘foot in the door’ and has improved their overall customer satisfaction rating significantly.