Interviewing Visitors Tells The Story

A stately home with extensive grounds south of the river and with links to the City of London had a bit of a problem. The house and its gardens were. But while admission to the grounds and gardens was free, there was a charge of £10 to visit the house and its exhibitions. People were visiting the grounds in their hordes and the cafe was enormously popular and nearly everybody went to it. But… not so many were visiting the house.

The challenge for us was to find out why. The obvious way of finding out was to talk to visitors. So, we put together a short questionnaire. It was designed to find out which parts people visited, how often and what were they interested in. Most importantly, would particular exhibitions or events make them visit the house.

So, we organised a programme of interviewing visitors. This was done over a number of typical days, including weekends.

What we found out was that visitors knew very little about the house, its interiors and contents. A healthy majority said that if they had more information about the house and its exhibitions they would be more likely to visit it, rather than just the gardens.

We also found that attending special events and exhibitions had made a lasting impression on nearly two-thirds of previous visitors.

The client took the information we had gathered to help design their communications strategy for the house and the gardens.


Hall Place