Exactly what your customers think of you can be the key to developing business with existing and new customers. The best way, surely, is to ask them! And the good old fashioned way – but delivering up to date actionable results – is a market research on-line survey.

A simple on-line survey can give the insight and understanding of customers that can really make a difference. And it has made a significant difference to a growing business.

A small specialist greeting card manufacturer has used this method of getting feedback from their customers. The feedback has helped them to sharpen various parts of their marketing and sales activities. They have modified their pack make up, made their pricing clearer and in the process made what they can offer customers much more appealing.

They have reverted to the old adage of finding out what your customers want – and giving it to them. It has resulted in happier customers and a happier level of profit.

They have also found that their customers really appreciated being asked for their views, and it would appear that this extra bit of communication has made it easier to get a response from customers to follow up emails and phone calls.

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