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Education for schools

24th June 2015|

Nelson Mandela said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.”

…and he of all people would have known


But when the inspector calls how do you know what effect your education is having?


If education is the most powerful weapon, we are pretty sure that information is the second most powerful.  How […]

Were the Opinion Polls really wrong?

12th May 2015|

Were the Opinion Polls really wrong about the result of the General Election?

A week before the election the media had two favourite stories.  One was that Ed Miliband was stumbling towards No 10 with the help of the SNP.  The other was that the election was on a knife edge – too close to […]

Ticket to Ride: pre and post street survey

13th April 2015|

For a Summer Holiday?

In the past few years there has been a growing interest in how well bus services are working and how they can be improved so that usage of public transport can be encouraged and increased.

It is, of course, a marketing problem. How can you keep existing users and at the same […]

On the right Track: online survey

1st November 2014|

The challenge was to identify and obtain interviews from rail passengers about their travelling experiences without going on to platforms or even rail stations as the operators would not give their permission.  Our client wanted to know the best way of doing this.

So our advice, after some cogitation, was to lurk in the alleyway […]

Soap Opera: street survey about soap powders

2nd August 2014|

On the surface the enquiry was an archetypal consumer street survey. The subject was about soap powders. The project was quite limited and modest in scale and with familiar characteristics the same as others. Speed of response and data reporting deadlines are common travelling companions.

We got the go-ahead, booked the interviewers for the location […]

We counted them all out: Portas pilot projects

3rd June 2014|

We even counted some of them back…

Mary Portas clearly believes that the death of the High Street is much exaggerated. Whatever you may think about her, there is no doubt that her involvement is leading to some really high profile initiatives, and criticism!

We have provided on the ground support for several of the Portas […]