Recent Projects - Fieldwork Assistance

Recent Projects

Please have a look through some of our recent projects:

Focus Groups

Women’s underwear

Women’s underwear

A women’s underwear manufacturer needed to obtain feedback from their target age group to help them in the positioning of the […]

Citizens Panel

With some carefully planned reminders and prompts Fieldwork Assistance actually achieved over 70% response from an established Citizens Panel. The use of a […]


Another hard to reach group – Lawyers – were interviewed about a new industry code of practice for buyers of newly […]

Christmas puddings

Fieldwork Assistance used an established consumer panel to identify people who bought Christmas puddings and surveyed their profiles, where they bought, […]

Foot and mouth

During the agricultural foot and mouth restrictions, done interviews in a field, giving a whole new slant on the meaning of […]

BME groups

Fieldwork Assistance have used street interviews to successfully access traditionally hard to reach BME groups to interview them about travel and […]