This project was another classic use of market research, in this case telephone interviews to confirm anecdotal evidence that businesses want Superfast Broadband. The Local Authority’s discussions with business owners in their area had highlighted that access to Superfast Broadband was currently one of the hot topics amongst businesses and politicians.

However, their discussions with BT as the provider had uncovered the fact that BT didn’t think there was enough demand for Superfast Broadband in that area. Our client needed to prove otherwise as it was keen to be seen as championing this cause for businesses based in its area. It is interesting to note that this was an urban area, not a rural area where access to Broadband is known to be a major concern for businesses.

So in order to bring pressure to bear on BT, credible data was need which quantified the demand amongst all businesses.

Step up market research – an independent view from the market place of how many and what type of companies would like access to Superfast Broadband.

We were asked to carry out telephone interviews amongst all businesses in the Local Authority Area. After a brief introduction to participants explaining the background to the phone call, it was a simple one question survey: Could you tell me if you would be interested in Superfast Broadband if it was available in your area?

Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming response was yes, which was good news for the Local Authority in its negotiations with BT but was also of course ultimately useful to those businesses eager to have the benefit of Superfast Broadband for their businesses.

We were able to deliver the responses, analysed by industry sector and size of business which showed a very high level of interest in Superfast Broadband.

The volume of interviews carried out meant that the client was able to present BT with statistically robust evidence of the local demands for Superfast Broadband.

We also recorded the comments made by participants, which uncovered some further important information including the fact that a number of businesses had invested in their own satellite broadband solutions because of their business needed it in order to remain competitive. This provided more ‘ammunition’ for the client in their discussions with BT.

Market research delivers again!