What Fieldwork Assistance do

We do just about all kinds of market research which requires contact with the people and businesses that make up your market place.

  • We listen to what you want to achieve and help you refine it.
  • We advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective methodology to get the data you want.
  • We advise clients on questionnaire and script design for interviews so that you get just the information you want.
  • We know how many people you need to interview.  You can use our Sample Size Calculator to check out the number of interviews you need to get specific statistically reliable results.
  • We work with clients to ensure their quota is relevant and achievable so you achieve meaningful results.
  • If you want survey results, analysis, charts, and statistics we can provide and configure them exactly how you want.
  • We offer the whole range of support services from fulfilment, data entry, data tables, charting and support staffing for events.
  • We prepare summary or detailed reports on market research results. Reports can be white label for you to use in your own client presentation.

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About us
About us

Choosing what you want to do

Your basic decisions are:

  • What do I want the results for?
  • What use will I make of them to decide between different courses of action?

The key question is

Are numbers and statistical reliability important? – use Quantitative research.

So you’re going to survey a – large or small – number of people or businesses.

You have a choice of methods:

Relative cost of quantitative methods

Or is it feelings, opinions, perceptions – the touchy-feely stuff? – use Qualitative research.

Relative cost of qualitative methods

£ on a scale of 1 low cost to 5 highest cost, subject of course to specification such as quota and length of interview!

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