Advice and guidance of your questionnaire and type of survey.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys are increasingly used to obtain reliable independent feedback from customers.
  • For companies running a quality system, a customer satisfaction survey can complete the circle by feeding back information which will help you to improve your products and services.
  • We carry out each customer satisfaction survey in a number of different ways. The most common now is an on-line survey, triggered by the completion of a project or the delivery of a product. Feedback can be provided continuously or at regular intervals.
  • Background data about the customer can be ‘seeded’ into the questionnaire when it is accessed by the customer. This saves annoying customers by asking them information which you already hold about them.

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We have a range of techniques which we have developed which allow you to track levels of customer satisfaction over time. We also have techniques for benchmarking your organisations performance against competitors or similar types of organisation. Again, these can be measured and updated at regular intervals.

A key aspect of a customer satisfaction survey is that it should never be carried out too often so that your customers get irritated by the frequency. Most customers appreciate being asked for their opinion and feedback and will provide high quality responses, as long as the questions are relevant and straightforward.

We are always happy to provide advice and guidance of your questionnaire and type of survey, whether on line, face to face or by phone.