All focus group recruitment is carried out 'from scratch'.

  • Our focus group recruitment is always carried out ‘from scratch’.
  • We do not have a panel of respondents that we use on for focus groups.
  • We find that all clients needs for focus group recruitment are unique, which is why we will not use a panel.
  • By recruiting from scratch, we can make sure participants are not over research and genuinely meet the demographic specification set by clients.
  • We can recruit for focus groups across the UK, including Eire.
  • An incentive is always required for focus groups. We can advise clients on the appropriate level of incentive which will vary according to topic, location and participants.
  • We provide high quality focus group recruitment to ensure you get high quality responses.

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High quality participants are the key to high quality focus groups. We always take a detailed brief and participant specification from clients and then recruit accordingly.

We follow MRS guidelines for recruitment, and always recruit ‘from scratch’ We do not have or use a panel of participants. This means that participants are neither over-researched or too rehearsed in their approach to the focus group.

We are always happy to advise on suitable locations. In recent months we have organised focus groups in village halls, community centres, hotels and viewing facilities.

We can provide experienced moderators for focus groups and prepare reports, but most clients moderate and report their own focus groups which we recruit for them.