Drill down to explore opinions, attitudes, buying habits in detail.

  • In depth interviews help you to drill down to explore opinions, attitudes, buying habits in detail.
  • Respondents need to be primed and have a good reason to be interviewed.
  • A flexible Topic Guide needs to be developed for the in depth interview to help structure the discussion.
  • Interviews can be prolonged if the subject catches the interviewee’s attention.
  • salient points from the in depth interview are carefully noted and recorded.
  • We retain flexibility during the process to respond to issues raised by participants.
  • In depth interviews can be done by phone or face to face.

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In depth interviews are hard to beat as a way of drilling down and exploring preferences, experience and opinions, especially amongst key customers or thought leaders.

It is particularly useful in obtaining information from business people, academics and professionals.  The quality of information may be unsurpassed so while each interview is expensive (because its longer), you don’t need many – sometimes as few as 12 interviews can generate the depth and quality of feedback that is being sought.

In depth interviewing is always carried out by appointment. We will phone to make the appointment, either for a face-to-face interview or by phone, to make sure that the participant has sufficient time to respond fully to all the questions and topics.

We have used in depth interviewing recently in recently in health care, Internet abuse and parking facilities for commuters.

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