Self completion surveys using up to date technology. Survey customers, staff or the public using your own brand or logo.

  • Online surveys can be hosted and managed by us.
  • Ideal where you here you need fast results.
  • No face-to-face interviewing or data entry costs so cost per respondent is low.
  • Our online surveys can carry your brand and design and marketing messages.
  • We organise the sending of personalised email invitations, and manage and monitor responses so that we can send reminders to those who have not yet responded.
  • Customer satisfaction and staff surveys are very typical uses for on line surveys where people can respond in their own time.
  • Our online surveys enable people to respond using mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops – whatever they have available and whenever they are available.

While the online survey or panel survey is still live we can provide regular ‘top line’ results so you can monitor responses to key questions – as frequently as at hourly intervals if required.

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We can host and manage your on-line survey, which will carry your logos and follow your own design guidelines in terms of colours and font.

On line surveys are typically used for surveys of customer, staff, community and specific groups such as Citizens’ Panels surveys. They are ideal for continuous surveys where new respondents, such as new customers, are added at regular intervals.

Reporting of the results for continuous on line surveys can be arranged for specific intervals – such as monthly – or results can be fed back as they are received.

On line surveys allow participants to respond in their own time, including from home out of normal working hours. Because of this they are also ideal for researching across international time zones.

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