Very quick ‘vox pop’ responses to key topics and questions.


  • Panel surveys are the most recent addition to market research data collection.
  • We can provide access to panels of up to 20,000 members which give broad coverage across the UK of all ages and SEG.
  • Unlike traditional market research interviewing, panel members are paid for their participation in a survey.
  • Quota can be set and is controlled automatically. Once a quota has been filled, further responses from, for example, a specific age group will be rejected.
  • Invitations to take part in a panel survey are sent out by email. A programme of reminders is set up and responses are monitored so that once members have participated they do not receive any further reminders.

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We can host and manage your panel survey, which will carry your logos and follow your own design guidelines in terms of colours and font.

Panel surveys are typically used for obtaining very quick ‘vox pop’ responses to some key topics and questions.

Reporting of the results panel surveys can be arranged for specific intervals or results can be fed back as they are received.

Panel surveys allow participants to respond in their own time, including from home and out of normal working hours. Because of this they are also ideal for researching across international time zones.