Explore in depth the issues and emotions which matter to you and your target audience.

  • Qualitative research is used to give you the in depth insight.
  • It allows you to explore in depth the issues and emotions which matter to you and your target audience.
  • Typically, qualitative research uses a topic guide rather than a prescriptive formal questionnaire.
  • The number of interviews can be very low, generally less than 12 which means the overall costs can be controlled, whilst delivering high quality insights.
  • Participants are encouraged to expand and develop their responses to make sure you obtain the greatest understanding of the various topics.
  • Qualitative research is often used as a fact gathering project which is then used to develop the questionnaire and format of a quantitative survey.

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Qualitative is traditionally used as a pre-cursor to a quantitative research project. It is an excellent way of gaining some initial insight into the issues and topics of a project.

Participants are usually carefully selected to make sure as representative a group as possible are interviewed. This may mean for example, with a customer satisfaction study, that a range of sizes of customer are interviewed. Geographical location and type of product or service bought are other criteria which are common.

Participants are typically contacted by phone, sometimes with an introductory letter having been sent first to introduce the participant to the programme, and a date and time are agreed for the interview. The interview may be either face to face or over the phone, and participants are advised that the interview may take 30 to 40 minutes.

One of the key characteristics of a qualitative interview is that participants are allowed to raise and discuss relevant topics which the researcher had not thought about. This can often change the emphasis of the follow up quantitative survey.

In some instances, a successful qualitative research programme has provided sufficient information and feedback to make the quantitative element unnecessary.

We are able to carry out the interviews and report on them, or we can just recruit for you to interview yourself.