Statistically reliable data.

  • Quantitative research is used where you need to have statistically reliable data.
  • The number of interviews required will be determined by the level of statistical reliability you need. To see how few interviews you need, see our Sample Size calculator.
  • The results from quantitative research are usually entered into analysis software and tables with ‘cross tabs’ are produced for each question asked. The exact analysis is always specified by the client.
  • The data from quantitative research is often used to help develop strategies or to prove or disprove a hypothesis.
  • In the public sector, where community consultation is required, a carefully designed quantitative research project will deliver statistically reliable data which can be used to deliver or amend policies.

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Quantitative research gives analysable data, allowing you to examine the responses and opinions of various groups of participants to a survey.

You may, for example want to know if there is any difference in attitude or experience between younger people and older people.

If you need statistically reliable data for each group of participants, you will need to work out the number of interviews in each group which you will then add together to reach the overall sample size.

You can check out how many interviews you need for a set level of statistical reliability by using our Sample Size Calculator.

Quantitative research interviews can be carried out on line, face to face or over the phone.

Sample Size Calculator

Test out possible interview numbers

in our Sample Size calculator
Sample Size Calculator