Identify and interview the widest range of people cost-effectively.

  • A street survey is the classic method of carrying out market research.
  • In spite of new technologies they still offer exceptional value for money.
  • A major benefit of street surveys is the personal contact between interviewer and participants.
  • Although they are referred to as street surveys, they can be carried out in shopping centres, travel terminals, at events and even in the workplace.
  • Survey size is very flexible. They can be as local as you like (one small shopping centre) or fully national. We cover the whole of the UK and Eire.
  • The personal nature of street surveys means it is very easy to identify and verify the right participants to match the quota for the survey.
  • We can give you your results in a guaranteed timescale, which can be comparatively short and are able to configure and present the data to you in a way that suits you.
  • Overall street surveys are a cost effective tried and tested method of surveying.

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In spite of the rise in the use of new technologies, the good old fashioned method of actually talking face to face with market research participants continues to deliver high quality data at very good value for money.

Street surveys, carried out by experienced, fully trained interviewers, provide a unique opportunity to engage participants by using show cards, illustrations, sample adverts or packaging and a range of other stimuli. This kind of engagement is almost impossible with high tech methods, however clever the websites or Apps which may be used.

With access to over 800 interviewers, and a team of Supervisors spread across the UK and Eire, we can work to exacting timings and timescales, for example 50 interviews between 17.00 and 21.00 at a certain location. We only use interviewers fully trained to MRS IQCS standards and operate to MRS Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

The key advantage of street surveys is that we use can select suitable respondents just by observing their characteristics so you can fill sample more easily and with less waste.

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