Reach reluctant responders fast: consumers, business people, public sector.

Telephone surveys (or phone surveys) are ideal for reaching people reluctant to respond to other types of survey, for an in-depth interview or where you need a rapid response.  As soon as our client has approved a script or questionnaire, phoning can start.

  • A Telephone Surveys is faster than face-to-face – no waiting for printing, sending and returning papers and post.
  • They are cheaper than face-to-face – with fewer time consuming processes and more random than postal surveys because respondents do not select themselves.
  • Telephone surveys give you much closer and easier control over the quota – gender, age, socio-economic group, level in hierarchy – than with postal surveys.
  • Some of our clients supply their own lists – customers or prospects or a specific bought-in list to meet their own criteria.
  • Sector specific lists for telephone surveys are available for business research.

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For residential telephone surveys we use a Random Digit Dial sample, which we buy in fully updated, purged of dead numbers and business numbers and Telephone Preference Service registrations.

The length of phone calls for telephone surveys needs careful consideration – usually a 10 minutes maximum, but some interviews which gain high interest amongst participants, especially in the business.

You can monitor responses from the telephone surveys, including volume and answers to key questions, as they come in and are data entered. The feedback is quick with our up-to-date ‘top line’ reports providing ongoing analysis of the data.

There is also the opportunity to run a short pilot programme which then gives you the ability to refine script and/ or questionnaire in the light of the responses and interviewer feedback from the pilot, without delaying the project or affecting statistical reliability.

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